Reykjavík – Part 2

Day 11 – September 9, 2016

Our last full day in Iceland (SADNESS). The activities for today included the Whales of Iceland Museum, lunch at Rossopomodor , dinner at Messin Restaurant, and miscellaneous activities around Reykjavik.

Whales of Iceland Museum

On the Northwestern side of the city lay the Whales of Iceland museum. It is a short drive from Fosshotel with it’s own parking lot.

Upon entering, you receive headphones and directions to download the free “Whales of Iceland” app. The app syncs with the sequence of the exhibits, explaining all sorts of information about the life-sized whale models in front of you.

Doug and I learned a lot of random/interesting facts about the displayed whales and information about the Icelandic whaling culture. My favorite part was at the end, where there is a interactive screen where you can see the migratory paths of the humpback whales that Icelandic scientists had tracked. You can click parts of their paths and see actual footage of the whales at that point in their migration.

Near the end is a small serving station where you can purchase beer to finish out the rest of the exhibits, making this a truly unique museum experience.

img_7153   img_7155img_3885


Dinner – Messinn Restaurant

Our last dinner in Iceland! Messin is a seafood restaurant with unique plates and decor. We both ordered fish, which ended up being huge entrees served in their own cast iron skillets, accompanied by delicious bread. I WAS SO FULL!


img_7168   img_7169img_7170   img_7172img_7173


Around the City

For lunch, Doug and I went to Rossopomodor for pizza. The pizza’s were tasty and authentic. I would recommend this restaurant if you are in the mood for pizza.

Along main strip was a bar called Boston, where we grabbed a quick beer. The decor is random / hipster, and basically vacant when we were there. But they apparently host live music (the band was setting up while we were there) and also had an outdoor seating area. It would probably have been a hoppin’ place, if it wasn’t 4pm.

img_7157  img_7159


Doug and I passed the Lebowski bar again, and this time we DID stop in. There were tons of people there!

img_7162  img_3887

After dinner at Messin we stopped at  Freddi – Spilastofa & Verzlun – Ingólfsstræti, which is an arcade, and played some Super Mario and other original video games. Upstairs is an area where you can rent rooms and play N64 with friends!


Our last stop for the evening was Ölstofa Kormáks og Skjaldar, which was a very cozy, packed bar with a wide assortment of beers. It had weird art, and by weird I mean things that you might see in your Grandmother’s house.

Below are photos from around the city.

img_7165img_7163   img_7164img_7167

img_7188img_7192img_7193img_7191   img_7194



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