The Zoo.

Day 10 – September 8, 2016

This was one of my only regrets on our trip. Doug and I had picked up a map from our hotel that had some things to do around the city. After lunch, we drove about ten minutes to get to the zoo. Adjacent to the zoo there is also a botanical garden, which we did not visit.

The entrance to the zoo is a small shop with one employee. We only encountered one other visitor here.Once inside, the first thing you see are two Icelandic horses in a grassy pasture.  Everything seemed great! There were huge reindeer and pastures full of different sheep with big, wooly coats.

Inside the barn we found some cows that seem well-cared for and happy! All was well. The last exhibit we visited was right outside of the cow barn. A small pond with five seals. At first it was exciting, but then you realized that the seals were just swimming in the same pattern, over and over again. And then I noticed how small the exhibit was for them (note: I am a HUGE animal and have a few rescues). I did not take a picture.

Even worse, on our drive back into the city, I decided to google the zoo and read reviews. A news story about the seals comes up which made me sick, and regret purchasing a ticket. DO NOT GOOGLE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SAD.





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