Strokkur Geyser

Day 9 – September 7, 2016


After our hike and lunch, Doug and I were back on the road toward Southern Iceland. Road 36 was undergoing tons of construction – they were literally creating new roads in front of us. The drive was a little boring, so I snoozed most of the way while Doug drove.


Our destination was Strokkur Geyser. There was a parking lot across from the park with a huge building that housed restaurants, snacks, and a large souvenir and clothing store. I purchased some Cheetos and then we crossed the street to marvel at steam.

The very first thing you come across is a sign that warns you of hot water. The sign is a blunt warning (I found a picture of it via TripAdvisor, below).


A dirt path takes you all around the park, where you see brightly-colored steaming pools. The main event is the geyser, which bursts every 15 minutes or so, spraying tourists with water. Tourists lined the geyser patiently waiting with cameras at the ready. The eruption is brief, but awe-inspiring.

img_3727img_3728   img_3732   img_7094   img_7095img_7096img_7097img_7104

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