Námafjall & Jaunt to Akureyri

Day 6 – September 4, 2016

Namafjall Geothermal Area

Doug and I didn’t have much planned for this day, and we were exhausted from Hengifoss. So we made plans to head up to Akureyri. We stopped at the Námafjall geothermal area to check out some steam. It was not as impressive as the areas that we saw in Southern Iceland.

En route to Akureyri we had a brief gasoline crisis… unfortunately this would not be the last time we had a close call. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR TANK IS AT LEAST 1/4 FULL!!!

After barely locating a gas station in time, we were back to the open road. We spotted the largest gathering of cars that we had seen yet! Turns out it was a sheep drive – the farmers drive all of the sheep down from the mountains and into a star-shaped corral for sorting. We would have stopped if there was room to park!


img_6266IMG_6267.JPGimg_3312                img_6273   img_6269



The road to Akureyri was stunning. You turn a mountainside and suddenly there is this huge blue bay with a sprawling coastal city. We wandered around and stopped in Bautinn Restaurant for lunch. Whale was on the menu, but we were informed via local signage that whale meat is NOT an Icelandic tradition. Apparently, this trend is perpetuated by tourists and is very controversial. So we settled for some normal burgers.

The brick streets of Akureyri reminded me of something out of Disneyland. Every building had charm and character. Most the roads were limited to pedestrian access. I loved it.




img_6286                              img_6287   img_6290



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