Day 7 – September 5, 2016

After our awesome hotel breakfast at Laxa, we drove back to Akureyri for some coffee before our scheduled whale watching cruise.

Doug procured a parking slip from a local bookstore, which was a designated distributor. You hand-write in the time that you parked and put it on your dashboard. There was a parking lot near town center that had tons of open spaces.

We stopped at Kristjánsbakarí for some breaded treats where we met a US couple from a cruise ship docked there. We chatted with them and learned all about their adventures while we snacked on pastries and strong coffee.

Doug and I said our goodbyes to our elderly friends and wandered to Kaffi Ilmur for some more caffeine. We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed the view of of the town below (the cafe is up on a hill).

img_6332img_3337img_6333img_3354  img_6335

With time to kill, we found Akureyrarkirkja, which is one of the local churches. It sits atop a hill and has some unique architecture. As the time for our whale cruise grew closer, Doug started to get nervous. He is not a fan of boats, and tends to get sea sick. To cure his nerves, we  decided to grab beers at a place next to the sushi shop, where we would go for lunch later. Butterflies settled, we headed to the docks across the street for whale watching (see separate post for Whale Watching).

Doug and I returned from the sea wind-whipped and hungry. We found a sushi shop  (Hlöllabátar) near town center and indulged.


We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Akureyri. We thought we had found a brewery along the eastern skirts of the city but we were mistaken. It was a factory area! No matter… we headed back and found a few music stores where Doug browsed browsed guitars. The blue skies eventually turned gray, and the evening gave way to rain. We sought refuge in a local pub – R5 Micro Bar. They had a lot of craft beers plus the furniture was amazing!



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