Hotel #4 – Hallormsstaðaskógur Hotel

Day 5- September 3, 2016

This hotel was trendy by all hipster standards. Stump tables in the lobby and all. The receptionist was a German fellow who we sounded EXACTLY like Christoph Waltz.


Our room was one of the largest ones we stayed in. The hotel boasted a spa, which we did not visit, but it looked great. There was a resident dog and cat, which were both super friendly. Doug befriended the cat, which was impressive, as most cats avoid him.


img_6224                           img_6236   img_6238                                img_6250   img_6252

On the premise was  geothermal hot tub, and a very classy restaurant. We made reservations for dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine in front of their fireplace while we waited to be seated. The view of the forest and the sun setting over the lake was fabulous.


img_6228   img_6241

Later, we put on our bathing suits and took a dip in the swanky hot tub. The sun was close to setting so we quickly ran back to our room to change before the cold air set in. We had heard that it was possible to see the Northern Lights, so I watched from our window as soon as the sun set. And then we saw green! I grabbed Doug and we watched the lights dance across the sky over the lake. It was an undefined, brief haze, but it was beautiful.



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