Day 5 – September 3, 2016

After our horseback riding adventure we went to Egilsstaðir for lunch and to purchase our hiking boots. We found a sport store, Alpasport, and dropped $400 for some comfortable boots.

Before embarking on our hike, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant, Salt.



One of Iceland’s tallest waterfalls! Armed with hiking boots, Doug and I were ready to tackle the trail. Or at least I thought we were. This ended up being the longest and hardest hike we had. We underestimated Hengifoss! The hike offered beautiful views of the surrounding area, accompanied by sheep along the steep hillside. The river leading up to the base of Hengifoss has daunting, unbarricaded cliffs and some smaller waterfalls.

As you hike up the mountain, you pass through three sheep gates, each indicating 1/3 of the distance to the base of the waterfall. The trail starts off with some stairs, but as you near the top, the trails become narrow paths weaving around rocks along the cliffs.

It is a rocky trail to the base of the waterfall, shrouded in shadow from the surrounding mountain tops. Winded from the ascent, we took our pictures, rested for a minute, and then made our way back down. It was a long hike to get to a waterfall that, in my opinion, was not the most impressive foss.

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