Hotel #3 – Hja Marlin Guesthouse

Day 4 – September 2, 2016

Hja Guesthouse, located in Reyðarfjörður. We arrived at about 6PM. We had our wine and sandwiches from Höfn, thank goodness, becaise EVERYTHING in this town was closed. It was a beautiful town located on the water, with a huge fishing ship docked in the harbor. But it was a Friday night and we couldn’t find any bar, restaurant, museum, shopping center, or any public venue to visit. So we walked around. We stopped at a creek and drank our wine before heading down to the water. We sat at a boat launch outside of the police station (which was closed!), and continued to drink our wine.

Eventually we wandered back to the guesthouse. It was a lovely place, but the wifi didn’t work, and there was no TV. Thank goodness for good old fashioned books. We read and then went to bed early. The breakfast here was phenomenal. We had home cooked mini waffles with some awesome syrup and delicious coffee before packing up Turq and heading to the forest.



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