The Glacier Lagoon

Day 4 – September 2, 2016

Glacier Lagoon

This is a MUST visit! The Canadian family we met at the first horse-back riding excursion insisted we do the Zodiac boat ride at the lagoon. Alas, this was sold out. So we booked a ticket for the Amphibian boat and started our drive. You can see the glacier peaking over the hills as you round the corner. Then all of a sudden this beautiful bright, blue water comes in to view. It’s surreal.


We were early for our ride, so we visited the small cafe on the premise and grabbed some much needed coffee. When the time came, we put on our life jackets and boarded the carboat and off we went!



We huddled closely with everyone as the boat wove around massive glaciers. We met a family from Boston and chatted with them as the crew navigated us through huge glaciers and the bluest water I’ve ever seen. A lone seal made a few appearances.

The tour guide gave us some fun facts about the glaciers and even broke off a chunk of ice so everyone could ingest “10,000 year old glacier”. The tour was very educational, fun, but it is cold. So dress warm!

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