Hotel #2 – Glacier Lagoon Fosshotel

Day 3 – September 1, 2016

In the middle of a field, nestled at the foot of hill, was Glacier Lagoon Fosshotel. This was one of the largest hotels that we stayed at.

The lobby of the hotel was swanky. There were also tons of random quotes here and there from celebrities.

We checked in and went to drop off our luggage in our room, which was super cozy and also had swanky lighting. Our bathroom was HUGE. The shower had no doors, and was only differentiated by a small pitch to a drain in the floor.

With limited food options, we hit up the hotel restaurant, which had huge windows which faced to the road and beyond. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a window seat. We ordered a bottle of wine (which we figured out was the cheapest method of alcohol consumption) and some amazing lobster bisque. Dinner was pricey, but worth it!

We purchased  one last bottle of wine for our room, and watched Johnny Depp “Art of the Deal” Trump movie before calling it a night.

Breakfast was disappointing. The restaurant was packed, tables were dirty, and the buffet was picked over. We chowed down some cold eggs and bread before departing for the Glacier Lagoon



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