Day 3 – September 1, 2016

After our hike, we continued our exploration of Southern Iceland. The weather turned from sunny and clear to foggy and rainy. Even without sun, rainbows formed everywhere.

img_5852   img_5854img_5861img_5865

Black Sand Beach Restaurant

We turned on a small road toward Black Sand Beach Restaurant. Doug had called ahead to make sure that we had a table reserved near the window, so we could have a view of the ocean and beach.

The restaurant was cafeteria-style; you grab a tray, get in line, and order food. We had some delicious lamb soup! And of course, more coffee. Doug procured some Sigur Ros gum here. Unfortunately the only photo I grabbed was of the parking lot… and the gum.




Satiated, we got back on the main road towards Vík, which was a short drive from the restaurant. I spotted a small golf course as we neared the edge of town.

We were running out of money, and needed to head to a bank, which unfortunately was not open yet. So we parked our car at the bank parking lot and walked around the deserted streets.

We passed a school, where children were outside playing soccer, and a community center, with a geothermal outdoor pool.

Following the road back, we arrived at a big statue, which marked the beginning of the beach area. Tall grass formed a wall before you reached open sand. This is where Doug found a seagull nesting in the sand (we would later come to find out this was a young seagull, who had not learned to fly yet).

Even on a cloudy day, the beach was beautiful. There were a few people horseback riding, and we found some writing in the sand (poor Lars).

Satisfied with our beach experience, we continued to wander. We found a small shed-like building that was advertising whale bones (from the beach) and wool. The sign read “Woot Gallery” (we misread – it was actually Wool). Inside there were tons of handmade scarves, hats, etc. in vibrant colors. Having no cash, we left empty-handed.


Still waiting for the bank to open, we visited Information Center Vík -Brydebúð, where we learned a little more about the beaches and the origin of black sand.


Finally,  it was bank time. We passed the Puffin Hostel on our way. The bank was quick, and it was easy to convert more of our cash to Krona. In the same building was the Vínbúðin, which, much to our dismay, was not open yet.


Exhaustion was setting in, so we hopped back on Road 1 toward our next hotel. We fueled up at the nearby N1, which was next door to Vikurprjon Ehf. Intrigued by such a large store, we stopped in. Before the trip was over, I was determined to buy some kind of Icelandic wool product and Doug and I still needed some hiking boots.

Icewear / Vík Wool reminded me of a rustic Northface store. There were tons of wool products and BOOTS. After checking the price tags, we left empty-handed.




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