Skógafoss Hike

Day 3 – September 1,  2016

After packing up and leaving Hotel Hella, we headed to our first waterfall! The parking lot was packed, and there were a handful of tourist buses. We found ourselves a spot and walked down the dirt path to the base of Skógafoss. All the way from the parking lot, we could see a huge, vibrant rainbow spanning the waterfall. Most of the tourists were gathered at the bottom taking photos, we opted to make our way to the top first.


img_5789   img_5788


Camp Area


To the right of the waterfall was a combination of dirt paths and wood stairs that take you to the top. Some parts were steeper than others, but it didn’t take us long to get there.

Further back there were more waterfalls, but you had to climb up and over a very steep wooden ladder. The view beyond revealed tons of green pastures and some smaller waterfalls. There were more hiking paths along the water, through the pastures, but we decided to descend.

img_3165   img_3168
img_5805   img_5809


img_5819        img_3169
img_5818On the way down, we found a dirt path that led to a small overhang with an incredible (and scary) view of Skógafoss.

img_5828   img_5822
img_5820   img_5829img_5823

The view from the ledge


Once at the bottom, we made our way to the base of the waterfall for some fun photos of the rainbow.



Kamehameha move


Thanks, Doug.





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