Horseback Riding (Ölfus)

Day 1 – August 30, 2016

Sólhestar Horse Rental


Using our iPhone coupled with a data card, we booked a horseback riding adventure. We followed road 1 past the Horse Park to Sólhestar. We were still getting used to the terrain, which was “moon rock” splattered with bright green moss.


We entered a little cabin where the guide showed us to the jackets, helmets, and boots. We learned that Iceland is very protective over their horse breed; so we had to use their boots and gloves to limit the horses’ exposure to any foreign diseases.

We were joined by a Canadian family of four and off we went. It was about an hour trail ride along the mountain base, following a very specific trail. The morning was rainy, but it was neat seeing the rocky terrain.

We learned that the Icelandic horse is the only breed of horse with a fifth gait, the “Tölt “, which is a form of the trot. However, based on the riding level of the group, we mostly stuck to the walk.

Our guide was living in Iceland, but was from Denmark. She informed us that Iceland does not allow any horses to be shipped in, and if an Icelandic horse leaves the island, it can never come back.


All in all, this was a nice trail ride, but we didn’t see any exciting features (i.e. waterfalls) as some of the brochures indicate. However, our guide spoke great English and was able to educate us on some of Iceland’s customs.




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