Rochester > JFK>Keflavík, Iceland

August 29, 2016

Rochester International Airport > JFK



Newly wed and ready
to travel! Doug and I boarded our plane to JFK at 4PM, and an hour later arrived at JFK.


JFK > Iceland

Pittford Village!

After a confusing terminal change, we found Terminal 7 for Icelandair. The security line moved pretty quickly, and we even spotted a homeage to Pittsford (our home town).

Soon we found ourselves roaming around expensive airport restaurants, drinking and killing time until our 10PM flight to Iceland. We found the currency kiosk – they only had $343 left to exchange to the Krónas. We took it all.









Finally – boarding time. we found our seats and quickly accessed the in-flight movies. Doug and I chose Deadpool, and carefully coordinated hitting the play button at the exact moment, so it was almost like we were in the theater. A cramped, stuffy, theater.We did our best to sleep, knowing that the time change would have us arriving at 6AM Tuesday morning Iceland time. No such luck. It was uncomfortable.



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